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  • Dalston
  • Supper
  • £££

An artist studio, bar and restaurant all come together in Tony Conigliaro's Dalston venue where drinks are focused on molecular flavour.


538 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AH
+44 (0) 78 4102 2924
Opening Times
Tues-Thur 18.00-00.00
Fri-Sat 18.00-01.00
Sun 18.00-23.00


  • Time Out

    Time Out Says…

    There’s no playing it down: the drinks are works of art. There’s no bar, but rather a couple of work stations where young staff prepare pre-batched concoctions delivered daily from Conigliaro’s nearby lab, the Drink Factory. The menu reads like a Holland & Barrett shopping list: the Sicily is made from ‘citrus, verbena, orange blossom’. Little bits of dried African marigold leaf tickle your nose as you sip, enhancing the tobacco notes in this bitter, vodka-based drink. Is Conigliaro calling himself the Warhol of booze? I don’t think Untitled is that up itself. But with cocktails like this, he’d be justified.

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  • The Telegraph

    The Telegraph Says…

    Waif. Snow. Gonzo. Ghost. The cocktail list of many bars might revel in elaborate, descriptive - even puntastic names but Untitled offers a starker read. Instead the shrink-wrapped list is a spare, understated column of 12 singular words with ingredients such as clay, silica or beeswax written beneath, with nary a spirit between them. But then this is no ordinary bar - this will, for many, be a pilgrimage of pure flavour... Conigliaro's bar may be called Untitled, but it's unlikely to remain unknown.

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  • Design My Night

    Design My Night Says…

    The Kingsland Road venue is an intimate space that serves as an art gallery, bar and shop. The award-winning mixologist has whipped up an array of concoctions using molecular techniques in his real-life laboratory in Bethnal Green, meaning Untitled's cocktail menu is completely unique. Untitled is inspired by Andy Warhol's artist studio, Silver Factory, and gives local artists a space to display their work. The venue has one large concrete table for people to sit in a community setting while the bar cocktail menu features 12 drinks which each focus on different senses such as sight or smell. There is a small food menu to order bar snacks from, all of which have been created to match cocktails.

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