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German Gymnasium

  • King's Cross
  • Lunch
  • ££££

Impressively beautiful space boasting three different venues within including restaurant, cafe and bar.


1 King's Boulevard, London, N1C 4BU
+44 (0) 20 7287 8000
Opening Times
Mon-Fri 08.00-00.00
Sat 10.00-01.00
Sun 10.00-22.00


  • Time Out

    Time Out Says…

    D&D, the new owners, have nailed it. There are three separate spaces, all lovely and all massive: ground-floor café, restaurant upstairs, and the bar. (Total covers: over 400.) But they have managed to keep noise levels down even when the space is pretty packed. We could hardly believe our ears when we discovered we could converse without shouting...It’s got the look, and it’s got substance. Going to the gym just got a lot more fun.

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  • The Independent

    The Independent Says…

    The menu is broadly Mittel-European – with bratwurst, schnitzel and tafelspritz putting in an appearance – alongside lobster salad, steak tartare and a tasty half a Creedy Carver duck. Its wine list takes you on a tour of the vineyards of the Danube and far beyond... the German Gymnasium, despite its name, is sexy: a rare thing in the restaurant trade.

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  • City AM

    City AM Says…

    German Gymnasium does it all, and does it incredibly well. The vast space in which athletes once leapt and tumbled and pirouetted has been cleverly adapted, with nary a German-themed, over-sized bier pitcher or pair of lederhosen in sight.Instead it’s filled with black leather and marble and gold... The Germans have a word for what happened to me there: kummerspeck. It means excess weight gained through emotional overeating – the emotion was joy.

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