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Behind This Wall

  • Hackney
  • After Work
  • ££

A minimalist basement bar with a love for all things vinyl and a focus on excluding artificial additives from their drinks.


Basement, 411 Mare Street, London, E8 1HY
+44 (0) 20 8985 3927
Opening Times
Tue-Sat 18.00-23.00
Sun-Mon Closed


  • Design My Night

    Design My Night Says…

    A haven for cool musical vibes, daytime drinking habits and parties that go late into the night, the Behind This Wall collective are promising to continue these trends at their new digs. Minimalist and a tribute to Martin Hannett's old Tannoy Gold speakers, this space is both contemporary and simplistic in design; a place where the music does the talking.

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  • The Nudge

    The Nudge Says…

    That same bartender built the drinks menu from scratch too, and has filled it with his signature “medicinal cocktails”: classic mixed drinks that have had the bad stuff (artificial additives, colours, flavours, unnecessary sugar, etc.) replaced with good stuff (botanicals, small-batch distillates, etc). Opening menu drinks include a Martini with rosemary & mezcal, a Manhattan with rum & allspice, and a Brandy Alexander with pisco & cinnamon molasses. Incredibly they keep their classic flavours and, in many cases, actually improve on them.

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