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Dishoom King's Cross

  • King's Cross
  • All day
  • £££

For a full meal, a quick bite or just a drink, there's so much choice within this huge and cavernous venue.


5 Stable Street, London, N1C 4AB
+44 (0) 20 7420 9321
Opening Times
Mon-Wed 08.00-23.00
Thu-Fri 08.00-00.00
Sat 09.00-00.00
Sun 09.00-23.00
Insider Information
This offer is valid from 12pm until 6pm. No queuing priority can be offered by LCW pass holders.


  • Evening Standard

    Evening Standard Says…

    A huge bar that made me dream of colonial Indian train cafes, divided by dark wooden panelling, padded by emerald leather seating...It's table service and it can be hard to flag down staff who are all dressed differently, but once you do you're in for a treat, with old-school cocktails that are divided into Juleps & Smashes, Sours & Fizzes and Martinis & Other Fancies.

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  • Time Out

    Time Out Says…

    This King’s Cross Dishoom, the third, is the best-looking yet. A magnificent three-storey Victorian warehouse has been furnished with sepia prints, whirring fans and an oversized railway-station clock to recreate the elegant feel of 1930s Bombay...Dishes are affordable and consistently deliver great flavour. Besides the first-class breakfasts, fragrant biryanis and fabulous curries, we love the gingery slow-cooked black lentils simmered with cream, butter and tomatoes.

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  • The Londonist

    The Londonist Says…

    Sprawled over four floors, the exceptionally buzzy venue is impressively large, with a reception and a bar on the ground floor, a dim basement bar, a first floor dining room with curved banquettes overlooking a private dining area, and a chef’s table and kitchen on the second floor...In the end, what prevents the ‘concept’ overwhelming the food is that it’s not a cynical exercise but a knowing, loving, obsessive fan letter to a slice of rapidly-vanishing Indian history written with wit and flair.

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