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+4420 7354 6280


Lucky Voice Islington

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173-174 Upper Street, London, N1 1RG


+4420 7354 6280

Opening Times

Mon-Thu 5pm-Midnight, Fri 5pm-2am, Sat 3pm-2am, Sun 3pm-Midnight

View London
View London Says...

A clever ‘Thirsty’ button sits in each karaoke room and whenever you press it a member of bar staff will arrive to your room to collect your drinks order...a humorously written and extensive menu offers ten quirky cocktails, a few signatures and of course the well-loved classics.

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Time Out
Time Out Says...

Nine private ‘pods’ allow groups of four to 12 people to belt out a classic without any fear of embarrassment. Pizza and nibbles are basic, but the drinks menu is extensive: cocktails dominate, and there are wines and spirits by both the glass and the bottle to loosen the vocal cords and inhibitions.

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Design My Night
Design My Night Says...

Islington's Lucky Voice is the cooler and more laid back little sister of Lucky Voice in Soho. Providing budding singers with strong cocktails, a dressing up box, tons of musical hits, a sound-proof room and some mics, your night at Lucky Voice Islington is sure to be a massive success.

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