68 and Boston

  • Soho
  • After Work
  • ££££

A multi-level drinking den that manages to specialise in both wine and cocktails really well.


5 Greek Street, London, W1D 4DD
+44 (0) 20 7287 3713
Opening Times
Mon-Thu 17.00-00.00
Fri-Sat 17..00-02.30


  • Design My Night

    Design My Night Says…

    Well versed in the art of cocktails, 68 and Boston satisfy both cravings for simple supping or unusual mixology (see Squid Ink Martini at your own peril), but it's the atmosphere of this bar that really takes you by storm. Yes the cocktails have all the makings of Golden Age glugging with killer liquors and unusual ingredients, but paired with the suave character of the bar you get one cool drinking experience, especially if you're on the hunt for a handy night out with bae.

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  • Evening Standard

    Evening Standard Says…

    68 - This terrific wine bar, pleasantly French-Italian in feel, has a concept so brilliant it seems absurd no-one else is doing in London...Although not small, Boston’s low-lighting means it has an intimate feel, and the bar room itself is reminiscent of glamorous train carriage from the golden age of cocktails.

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  • Time Out

    Time Out Says…

    Cocktails happen on the first floor, in a lovely warren of darkly lit rooms offering an assortment of seating options. You want unusual cocktails? You can have them, including a squid ink martini (gin, fino sherry and you-know-what). Feeling less adventurous, we ordered two items off-menu, a no-alcoholic drink and a dry martini. Both were great.

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