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Duck & Waffle

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Herron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY


+44 (0) 20 3640 7310

Opening Times

Mon-Sun 24 hours

Insider Information

Duck and Waffle has a 24 hour license for when you're really hungry, really late.

The Guardian
The Guardian Says...

They also sell strips of crispy pig ear seasoned with sugar, salt and a few spices. It makes them taste like Frazzles, which is obviously genius. They come in brown paper bags. We ordered a second bag and only didn't order a third out of shame...Save for a whole roast chicken, lobster or sea bream, everything costs about a tenner, which amounts to value for the food and the view.

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Time Out
Time Out Says...

The views are, as you might expect, stunning – if you’re pointed in the right direction and, preferably, sitting at a window table. Alternatively, linger in the entrance bar, where you can press your nose against the glass and gawp unhindered. Food is an on-trend mix of small plates, raw offerings (oysters, ceviche) and a few main courses (including roast chicken and the namesake duck confit and waffle).

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Barchick Says...

We’re here for the drinks so luckily the bar, with it’s graffiti-glam vibe, is just as badass as the restaurant. You can come up any time, we mean ANY time, 24 hours a day baby. Fancy Bloody Marys and bar snacks at 3am? You got it...expect themed cocktails, seasonal specials and bizarre yet brilliant twists on classics.

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