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Reverend J.W. Simpson

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32 Goodge Street, London, W1T 2QL


+44 (0) 20 3174 1155

Opening Times

Mon-Thu 17.00-23.30
Fri-Sat 17.00-00.00

Insider Information

Book into one of their Spirited Sermons - a great way to taste and learn.

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Barchick Says...

Brought to you by the people behind Bourne & Hollingsworth, this place is all about the cocktails, which are kinda the standard of hotel bar cocktails but in a drinks party atmosphere. Drink Fizzes, Flips, Cobblers, Smashers and Sours, some of which will be made at your very own table using only the very best of ingredients.

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Time Out
Time Out Says...

The drinks list is excellent – options are limited, but that’s fine when they’re all this good. Cocktails are beautifully served in antique-looking glassware by benevolent staff. Extensive sampling showed two clear winners: the prune manhattan, made with a fruit infusion, and the Port in a Storm (port, dark rum, ginger beer and lime). There’s no food menu, although we were brought a nice little bowl of nuts for free.

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The Nudge
The Nudge Says...

the good Reverend’s dimly-lit, humble abode perfectly serves its purpose, metaphorically punching every chintzy cocktail bar in the face by allowing its drinks to do the talking. Drinks like prune Manhattans and tequila/sherry cobblers, ‘Applejack Rabbits’, ‘Old Fashioned’s, and the manly ‘Port In A Storm’…. all perfected by the team from Bourne & Hollingsworth.

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