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+44 20 3752 2680


Singer Tavern

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1 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AG


+44 20 3752 2680

Opening Times

Mon-Wed 10am-Midnight
Thu-Fri 10am-1am
Sat 10am-Midnight
Sun Midday-11pm

Insider Information

LBW 2017 Offer...

Discounted Auchentoshan & Ale cocktail available during London Beer Week.

This offer is available across all Barworks venues.

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The Londonist
The Londonist Says...

As with other venues in the Barworks chain, exotic kegs and draughts are the order of the day. Sometimes this can mis-fire. We took a punt at some chamomile-infused concoction. It was wretched. A swift sidestep onto the Arbor Artisan and we were overjoyed to be drinking here. Even more impressive than the ale selection is the menu of Amaros and Fernets. Even the most foodie people in our group had to google these Italian herbal liqueurs. One day we might even try them.

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Craft Beer London
Craft Beer London Says...

Gone are TV screens and big-brand lager, to be replaced by boutique spirits, wines and (of course) beer. It's a really well fitted-out place, actually, as you'd expect from owners Barworks: the green-and-white tiling is a particularly nice touch. There's a huge range of keg and bottled beer (Camden, Siren, Gypsy Hill, Magic Rock, among others) and some decent cask too, including Burning Sky Aurora on one recent visit.

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