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The epicentre of London Beer Week 2017 is a three day event jam-packed with bars, brands and an abundance of beer.

London Beer Week, our city's seven day celebration of beer, cider and the capital's incredible brewing scene, is returning for its third year, this March. But this is no repeat of last year, instead LBW is set to bring London a brand new hop-worshiping event - The Beer Edit. 

If you've been to LBW before then you'll remember the hub with its fantastic pop-ups, visiting breweries and immersive beer-experiences. The Beer Edit is a bit like that, but oh so much bigger and, dare we say, better. More beer, more breweries, more parties and, consequently, a whole lot more fun. 

This is going to be the beer highlight of 2017. 

So let's chat details.

The Beer Edit will run across three days of LBW, Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th March. It's taking over the entire Oval Space in East London, creating an incredible beer village just off Hackney Road, which is a mere ten minutes walk from Bethnal Green tube station making it a super accessible journey to this beer-filled destination. Book a ticket for the session you want, rock up and make a beeline for your favourite brew, get merry with mates and even discover new beers to love. 


Oval Space in East London

This is no trade show though, it's a full-on beer-loving festival and we're all there to have a great time which means tunes and food and an absolute ban on beer snobbery. Want a micro-craft IPA? We'll have it. Fancy a fruited sour? No problem. Refreshing lager? You're absolutely welcome to it. We're here to celebrate beer in all its forms! 

Keen? Excellent - we already have tickets on sale.

They start from just £10 and you can grab yours HERE, and don't forget your friends, your date and especially your mum. 

The Beer Edit will also be home to some of our most epic beer parties this year, we're talking keg parties and even a St Paddy's Day Irish celebration, so if you like a cheeky late session with good brews then we have three words you'll need to remember: The Pickle Factory. 

So LBW is only on for three days now? Nope! LBW is still a seven day event with events happening across the week as well as our brand new Beer Tours guiding you around London's best breweries to sip from the source. We've just crammed the best bit into the long weekend at The Beer Edit but celebrations across the capital will be in full force from Monday to Sunday. 

Want to know what you'll be tasting... Here's the lowdown. 

The Main Space

** DrinkUp.London - Great British Beer Bar

It's not just the big boys coming to play... As well as hosting amazing beer brands (and a spirit or two) we'll also be giving smaller craft beers a chance to shine at The Beer Edit. How? By building our very own DrinkUp bar and pouring the likes of Southwark Brewing Co, Cotswold Cider Co, Umbrella Brewing, Canopy Beer Co, Badger Beer, Courage SE1, Renegade Brewery and Gosnells London Mead. Thank us when you get there. All beers priced at £3

You can also upgrade your beer with a Boilermaker for just £2 more. We’ve teamed up with Glenfiddich IPA, Old Forrester, Auchentoshan, Jameson Caskmates, Bulleit Rye and for something a little different – Bols Genever.

** Sharp's Brewery Beer Edit Bar and Beer Ping

Sharp's Brewery returns to the heart of The Beer Edit. The only place to try Boscawen, Smoked Ale and their limited release; Two Tides Transatlantic Pale Ale - a collaboration with Granville Island Brewing Company, Canada.

Also the home of Beer Ping: An alternative to Beer Pong… Grab a beer and challenge a mate – you can win bragging rights and a prize. 

All 1/2 pints available at £2 and bottles at £3. 

Doom Bar, Amber Ale 4.0%

Atlantic, Pale Ale 4.2%

Wolf Rock, Red IPA 4.5%

Sea Fury, Special Bitter 5.0%

Sharp’s Pilsner, Premium Lager 5.2%

Boscawen, Golden Smoked Ale 6.0%

Two Tides, Transatlantic Pale Ale 4.6%

6 Vintage Blend, Blended Age 7.4%

Chalky’s Bite, Belgian Abbey 6.8%


** Open Gate Brewery 

This LBW, don’t miss out on tasting some of Guinness’s most experimental beers. Brought to you exclusively by the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Dublin, the home of Hop House 13, you’ll have the chance to try some of the latest beers on offer, trialled and tested by the brewers over at St. James’ Gate, many of which are not yet available in Britain. 

Whether you’re into a hoppy IPA, or a rich, silky, smooth stout, there will be plenty of beers to choose from, and their beer specialists on hand to chat you through the options, so pop down and join them for a pint!

All available as 1/2 pints only at £3

West Indies Porter, 6.0%

Dublin Amber Ale

Open Gate IPA, 5.5%

Hoppy Pilsner

Damson Plum Sour (last two kegs in the world)

Nitro Coffee Stout (last keg in the world)

Available as full pints only at £3


Hop House 13

Bulleit Rye Boilermakers also available for £5

** Fourpure Brewing Co.

Inspired by adventure.  Brewed in London.

Showcasing two of their favourite brews; Shape Shifter and Juicebox, but also a brand new beer for you to try - Indy Lager.  Head here to try the easy drinking and tasty beers from some of Bermondsey’s favourites from just £2.50.

All 1/2 pints available at £2.50. Cans priced at £3 and full pints at £5. 

Indy Lager Sessionable Lager 4.4%

Shape Shifter West Coast IPA 5.9%

Juicebox Citrus IPA 5.9%

Indy Lager is available to take home for £15 for four. 


** The Wild Lager Bar.

When a rare wild yeast is tamed into a lager beer, a new beer style is born. H41 is a limited-edition lager brewed using a rare ‘mother’ yeast discovered in Patagonia. Developed by the brand’s Master Brewer, the new lager has a fuller taste, with spicy notes balanced by subtle fruity hints, exclusive to the Wild Lager Bar. 1/2 pints £2 and full pints £4

** Mother Kelly's Bottle Shop

Representing two great little bottle shops in Well St, E9 and Church St, N16, Mother Kelly's specialise in stocking the best beer, cider, wine and spirits they can get their hands on. Offering over 400 bottles and up to 8 lines of keg beer to drink in or take away in growlers, you can always count on them to provide the latest and greatest in beer releases along with a select core of classics. They’ll be bringing 10 of their favourite cans and four lines of draught to The Beer Edit. Cans from £3.50 - £5.50 each. Draft at £5-£5.50 per pint. 

** Pabst Blue Ribbon Project

Established in Milwaukee in 1844, Pabst Blue Ribbon is renowned for being individual, authentic, and true to its roots. Discover PBR’s multi award winning taste and subversive character at the Beer Edit with their distinctive imported 4.6% brew. All 1/2 pints available at £2. Cans and bottles at £3. Pints at £4.  

** Hobo Beer & CO

Two little cans, some seriously delicious flavours. London Beer Week stalwart - Hobo craft lager & East Coast Cyder will be available at The Beer Edit for a tasty £2 a can. On Thursday night, resident #Hobosexual’s will be taking over the decks and providing the music for The Edit.


** Glenfiddich Experimental Series; #01 IPA Experiment

A fantastic opportunity to sample this brand new product from the malt masters over at Glenfiddich. In their first groundbreaking experiment, Glenfiddich’s Malt Master Brian Kinsman has proven that traditional whisky casks can still be seasoned in a pioneering way. Collaborating with a local Speyside craft brewer, Brian created a bold and zesty IPA beer to imbue the rich oak casks with extra hoppy notes. The experiment resulted in the first single malt Scotch whisky ever finished in craft IPA casks. Stop by the stand at The Beer Edit to taste Glenfiddich IPA Experiment alongside the beer that gave it its name!

The Terrace

** CLAW now has a loyal following and is becoming known for its fresh, sustainable and traceable seafood, directly purchased from inshore, small boat Cornish fisherman – expect CRAB FRIES – Cajun spiced skinny fries topped with Cornish crab, garlic and lemon aioli, parsley and spring onions. CRAB MAC & CHEESE – Macaroni with Bermondsey Raclette cheese, infused with brown crab and topped with shallots and chives. (Veggie option also available) and CRAB BRIOCHE – Hand picked Cornish crab patty, baby gem lettuce, samphire, garlic and lemon aioli all served in a brioche bun

** Bad Sports - Taqueria & Bar - Bad Sports will be popping up on the terrace at The Beer Edit with a short but sweet menu of beer snacks from heaven. Soon-to be world famous cheeseburger tacos on hand pressed corn tortillas with sour guacachile and hot sauce alongside SUPERBRAT, a perfect marriage of Berlin’s Currywurst and New York’s Stadium Dog, plus sharp pickled chilli quesadillas to round out the offering. The perfect food to hit the spot after a few cold beers! 

The Entrance – Sharp’s Brewery Beach Bar

Sharp's Brewery have shipped a beach bar in a box (complete with sand) from Cornwall to London; it'll be filled with beer and knowledge from the Sharp's Brewery team. This will be the only place to taste – Botanicale – the limited edition London Beer Week brewed by Aaron McClure from Sharp’s in collaboration with Tarquin (Southwestern Distillery) and Ali Dedianko (London Beer Week).

If you’re feeling brave, make a stop at the Sharp’s Beer Confessional – where a full and frank confession might just help you win a Sharp’s beer.

Or for the lucky few – there’s the chance to pop into the micro restaurant in a hidden corner of The Oval Space for a private dining experience from Zack Hawke, Head Chef of the Mariners, Rock. Your own personal beer sommelier, Ed Hughes, will be on hand to lead you on a gastronomic journey… To be invited in- just look lost and wait to be found…

All 1/2 pints available at £2 and bottles at £3. 

Coaster, Light Ale 3.6%

Doom Bar, Amber Ale 4.0%

Atlantic, Pale Ale 4.2%

Wolf Rock, Red IPA 4.5%

Sea Fury, Special Bitter 5.0%

Sharp’s Pilsner, Premium Lager 5.2%

Botanicale, Juniper Wheat Beer 5.0%

6 Vintage Blend, Blended Age 7.4%

Chalky’s Bite, Belgian Abbey 6.8%



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