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+44 (0) 20 7241 1984


High Water

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23 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BJ


+44 (0) 20 7241 1984

Opening Times

Mon-Thu 17.30-00.30
Fri-Sat 17.30-01.30
Sun 17.30-00.30

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Time Out
Time Out Says...

Cocktails are king here. The seasonally changing menu lists seemingly simple drinks with just a few ingredients, but they're all superbly made and sophisticated. And at £9.50 they're decent value; so too are the half-sized 'miniature serves' for weeknights (or as a chaser). A few choice house-made ingredients show a dedication to detail (pecan syrup, say, or quince sherbet). Full marks all round. Wade in the water.

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Barchick Says...

Dimly lit and boasting a sort of old school glamour, this long bar has multiple waistcoated bartenders working their magic behind it. It’s real deal service from the minute you’re seated by a hostess and offered cucumber infused water as a refresher. When it comes to the cocktails it’s worth trying something way out left, these guys are good so why not get experimental? We went for the Foo Foo Band Night because peanut butter rum sounded too good to pass up. Oh and we chased each cocktail with bubbles, dead classy.

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World's Best Bars
World's Best Bars Says...

It’s a chilled out, dimly lit space with a subtle dash of glamour. Service is seriously on-point, with dapper waist-coated bartenders making excellent drinks behind the long bar counter. Cucumber infused water is offered as a refresher before you begin. Cocktails are properly inventive, witness the Foo Foo Band Night, laced with peanut butter rum (which apparently is a thing) and the Rolling Tackle made with rosemary tequila, Aperol, carrot and mandarin sherbet. The interior is pretty pared down, with lots of raw brick, wood beams and warm brown leather, but the atmosphere is very agreeable and the drinks are outstanding. We like.

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