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+44 (0) 20 7935 9393



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18 Thayer Street, London, W1U 3JY


+44 (0) 20 7935 9393

Opening Times

Mon 18.00-00.00
Tue-Fri 12.00-15.00 & 18.00-00.00
Sat 11.00-16.00 & 18.00-00.00
Sun 11.00-16.00 & 18.00-23.00

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London on the Inside
London on the Inside Says...

Expect Peruvian flare mixed with classic British flavours with dished like salmon with watercress, horseradish, beetroot with bleeding tiger’s milk. As well as the restaurant there is a 16-seater cocktail bar to indulge in some raunchy liquor based beverages. It all sounds rather flipping great.

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The Times
The Times Says...

...we began to eat and I was blown away. The Cornish sea bass with samphire in tiger’s milk was shimmeringly fresh, perfectly seasoned, dazzlingly spiced...then crispy lamb belly with green miso sent verily from heaven: high, sleek, fat but not greasy, sharp and insistent, so good we ordered not one but two more plates of it.

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Time Out
Time Out Says...

On weekends, said our nothing’s-too-much-trouble waiter, the place goes from being ‘civilised party’, to ‘party party’, with a DJ on the decks from 8pm to 11pm. Wine kicks off at £4.50 a glass; all cocktails cost £8.50; the tasting menu’s £35. But the best surprise was that the food looked – and, crucially, tasted – just as good as the crowd. Modish (but never wacky) Peruvian plates combined finesse and flavour with aplomb.

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