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The Callooh Callay Sticker Album

Jane Ryan | 24/09/2015

Callooh Callay’s new menu – 28 delicious drinks to collect.

Banana ketchup, spinach and pine nut orgeat and nerds - just some of the inventive ingredients you'll find on the new Callooh Callay drinks menu. 

And while the drinks are darn tasty (more on this later) it's the menu itself which has got London talking. 

Callooh have been known for their more fun and quirky menus since the bar opened six years ago, including an oyster card, a pantone colour bridge and a cassette tap. This latest incarnation is a sticker book, proving to be loads of fun already, since the launch on Tuesday (22.9.2015). 

Each cocktail comes with a description and a blank white space. Once you've had a cocktail you're given the matching sticker, with 28 to collect. So more of a challenge than a menu. 

"It's a bit of fun," says Simon Thompson, the General Manager. "I hope people take it away and bring it back, I want as many people to fill this out as they can."


Callooh Callay's new menu has a total of 28 drinks, making it the biggest drink list they've ever attempted.

Popeye and Olive Oil


Belvedere vodka, Cocchi Americano vermouth, spinach and pine nut orgeat, lemon, sugar, egg white and olive oil. 

57 Varieties


Appleton VX rum, Wrap and Nephew rum, Don's Mix #1, Pineapple, Harveys Amontillado sherry, lime, Angostura bitters, banana ketchup.

Harrison Fords


Fords gin, lady grey syrup, lemon, apricot liqueur, Peychaud's bitters. 

Fisherman's Rival


Linie aquavit, Dolin Bianco vermouth, salt, pepper, lemon, egg white, celery bitters. 

The Black Stuff


Bushmills Black Bush whiskey, Guinness, date syrup, Abbott's bitters, crème de cacao. 

There's many more to try:



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