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Boilermakers at London Beer Week


Throughout LBW 2016 bars across the Beer Tours will be serving great pairings of beers and spirits for just £5.

A harmony of flavours rivalling even the legendary gin and tonic, a whiskey and beer is a truly special pairing. Sometimes it’s the simple combinations in life that work the best.

Quite when the term Boilermaker became attached to this drinking ritual of sipping whiskey alongside a cold beer is unclear but its long been a generic term for industrial metalworkers, who were quite possibly in need of a Boilermaker after a hard day’s work.

As the Boilermaker has grown up so have its flavours and varieties, thanks in part to the craft beer movement and finesse in spirit making. This year you’ve got the chance to try some truly unique and tasty combinations of spirits and beer. Drink outside the box and try a lager with bourbon, a pale ale and Irish whiskey or a herbal liqueur with a pilsner and watch how the crafted spirits and beer pull out each other’s finer flavours.

Look out for the Boilermaker symbol in the LBW guidebook to sample this old ritual. And a word of advice, some folks like to drop the whiskey in the beer, but we’d recommend against this, if only for reasons of taste. Beer in one glass, whiskey in another, sip one then the other. Repeat as necessary.


Bulleit Bourbon – Warm spice notes of nutmeg, vanilla, clove and black pepper  with a maple and light toffee finish.

Woodford Reserve – Rich dried fruit aromas and notes of citrus, cinnamon, caramel, chocolate and spice.

Becherovka – Initially a vivid bitter taste with dominant tones of cloves, cinnamon and orange peels. Where bitter and sweet is balanced.

Highland Park 12-year-old – Heather honey sweetness on the nose followed by a peaty smokiness and full malt delivery.

Jameson Caskmates – A whiskey finished in beer barrels with flavours of cocoa, coffee and butterscotch.

Elements of Islay Peat – Warm and leathery with thick cut bacon, seashore campfires and roasted fruit.



This LBW we're opening up our very own bluesy rock and rollin’ pop-up showcasing the humble Boilermaker. We’ve picked six of our favourites brews and six whiskies (well, five and a Czech Liqueur), all of varying styles – just roll the dice to pick your poison.

Plus we’ll have a guest appearance on Saturday from Durham Atkinson of Hops & Glory fame serving his special LBW brew straight from the keg. All serves at LBW prices (£3 beer or £5 boilermakers), plus some delicious snacks to get your teeth into. 


There's at least one bar (and in some cases many more) on each Beer Tour serving delicious boilermakers - see them all here - or explore the Tours to see what spirits and beers are being paired together this year. 


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