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Where is London Cocktail Week?

The short answer is everywhere. 

We partner with over 200 bars, from Stoke Newington to Clapham and west to Notting Hill. We host events all around the city. Wherever there is ice and some decent liquor you will find London Cocktail Week. 

If you want to do more than drink delicious £5 cocktails and party the week away at events dotted across the capital then you'll want to visit our central London hub - the World Class house - and our Cocktail Village in Old Spitalfields Market. 

Located in the heart of London, on Piccadilly Circus, The World Class House invites you to step into the unknown and enjoy an incredible multi-story hub filled with mixed drinks and immersive experience. Over in east London, the epic Cocktail Village is returning for a second year in east London. You will find Old Spitalfields completely awash with vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whisky and liqueures. The market will feature pop-up bars from all of the biggest booze brands you know and love plus a multitude of ones to discover, and of course delicious food stalls to keep you paced and enjoying the evening. 

We also have our very own DrinkUp.London Bar returning to mix incredible classic cocktails. To get into the market you have to have a FESTIVAL PASS. No pass, no entry so book ahead and avoid the queues. 



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