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Belsazar's Berlin Aperitif Haus

  • Pop-Up
  • 08/05/2017
  • Free


The Cocktail Village, Old Spitalfields Market, London, E1 6EW


The Berlin Aperitif Haus, where Berlin meets London. Berlin is a city like no other, and its ability to draw creative talent from all over the globe is widely known. It is the creative hub of Europe and from this very city, two years ago, came the launch of Belsazar. A vermouth like no other. 

580 miles West, the food and drink culture in London has never been stronger with some of the best bars, restaurants and producers bringing their cultures and styles to London.  From the latest street-food pop-up, to an intriguing place to try a new cocktail, London leads the way.  The aperitif is one such trend. Light, easy drinking with friends; that means lower in alcohol, but never compromising flavour or enjoyment. 

Vermouth; most of us have heard of it, but not many actually know what goes into it.  Well, we are the wine world’s answer to Gin. Belsazar handcrafts bio-dynamic fresh wines, with handpicked botanicals from red berries and orange blossom to nutmeg and cacao.  

Belsazar vermouth might be crafted deep in the Black Forest, but it was born in Berlin.  So enjoy Belsazar like a Berliner: on any rooftop, balcony, street or makeshift bar, with friends, whenever.

Masterclass; 'The Art of the Shim at Home' Thursday 6th October; 'Shims - serious, low alcohol cocktails - are where everyone can come together, whether it's for the one drink of the evening or when this is but the first of many' (The Art of the Shim, 2013). Learn how to make delicious, easy Shims with Belsazar, at home. We never make things complicated, from our drinks to whatever we say or do. It’s just we think that should mean doing the simple things exceptionally well.

Please email [email protected] to book a place, limited spaces available. 

On Wednesday, catch one of Edinburgh's best bars Bramble takeover Belsazar's Berlin Aperitif Haus and enjoy this menu of drinks:


To get into The Cocktail Village you'll need a LCW Festival Pass, just £10 and valid all week. Buy yours here.