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The Spirits Summit

  • Masterclass / Tasting
  • 03 October 2016
  • £195 (plus VAT)


The Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS
03 October 2016
£195 (plus VAT)


The morning Advertiser's spirit category event - the Spirits Summit - is returning to London for a third year. The must-attend summit is a one day conference designed to bring the industry toether to discuss some of the future innovations and key challenges facing the category. 

9.30am Registration 

10.00am Welcome - Nicholas Robinson, Food and Drink Editor, The MA 


10.05am On-trade spirits trends update, Rachel Perryman, Director of Client Services, CGA 

In this session Rachel will give an in-depth overview of the performance of the spirits category, what categories are selling well and could be the new rising stars as well as which are taking a hit. An outline of what consumers are looking for in terms of spirits in the on-trade will also be given. 

10.30am Inspiring Consumers with Spirits, Faith Holland, Head of On-Trade Category Development, Diageo UK 

Faith will explain how “inspiring” consumers is key to driving Spirits category growth. She will look at key consumer drivers: from sustainability to technology and explore how the Spirits category can tap into these trends to inspire consumers to choose Spirits. 

10.50am Gin Tasting, David T Smith, Gin Specialist 

Renowned gin educator David T Smith will take the audience through the gins he thinks will define the future of the sector. Join David in this tasting session as he pours some of the most innovative gins and tells us why they are the future of the segment. 

11.20am BREAK 

11.40am Panel debate: will the gin bubble burst and what’s next? 

Panellists in this debate will argue the longevity of the gin boom and decide when and if the bubble will ever burst. Whether the bubble bursts or not, the experts will try to determine what the next big trend in spirits will be. What do you think? It’s your chance to put your questions to a distinguished panel of experts. 

Speakers include; David Smith - Gin Specialist, Graeme Loudon - Commercial Director, CGA, Joel Harrison - Drinks Writer, Sarah Mitchel - Mixologist 

12.05pm The Carbonation Revolution Part 1 Science & Stories, Ben Reed, Global Cocktail Ambassador, Coca-Cola European Partners 

When Jacob Schweppe invented the bottling of carbonated water in 1783, he set in motion a beverage revolution that far exceeded his wildest dreams… 

Ever since, the Schweppes brand has been synonymous with style and unsurpassed refreshment and today Schweppes continues to delight discerning adults with a sophisticated beverage for every occasion. 

But do we really understand the importance of carbonation? What is the true impact of the bubble in our beverage? And why is it that the world’s top mixologists are going to even greater levels of sophistication to add carbonation to their cocktails? Ben Reed, Consultant, Cocktail Credentials, bursts the bubble of drink related delusions and shares the story behind the story. 

12.25pm Overseas impact, Spiros Malandraki, Senior Alcoholic Drinks Analyst, Euromonitor 

Senior Euromonitor alcoholic drinks analyst Spiros Malandrakis will cast his eye beyond the shores of the UK and pick out some of the most distinct spirits trends from overseas. Find out how this international drinks expert thinks overseas spirits trends will affect what’s going on in the UK and, with this information, you may be able to get ahead of the competition. 

12.45pm WSET: Results of spirits training, Graham Cox, UK Business Director, WSET

The results of exclusive research on why training bar staff on how to talk about spirits will be revealed, looking at the key financial impacts for the pub 

1.05pm LUNCH


1.55pm Intro to interactive sessions - Nicholas Robinson, Food and Drink Editor, The MA


Group 1 Cocktail Cabaret in the Demonstration Room 

In this session spirits producers will showcase their products and skills by creating signature cocktails before the audience’s eyes. The bar staff will show you how to make the drinks, talk about GP, food pairings and skill levels, as well as what kind of operation it will work in. See how you can boost your spirits and cocktail offer by talking to the experts about their products and signature serves

Group 2 Mix it your way in the Library

Group 3 Diageo in the Georgian Room

2.30pm- 2.50pm

Group 1 Diageo in the Georgian Room

Group 2 Cocktail Cabaret in the Demonstration Room

Group 3 Mix it your way in the Library


Group 1 Mix it your way in the Library

Group 2 Diageo in the Georgian Room

Group 3 Cocktail Cabaret in the Demonstration Room

3.15pm BREAK 


3.35pm The World’s First Non-Alcoholic Spirit, Ben Branson, Founder Seedlip

Non-alcoholic spirit founder Ben Branson will take centre stage to give a talk on the emerging category of alcohol-free spirits, following the launch of his botanical-infused Seedlip product. Find out why and how Branson managed to succeed in the challenge of creating a new spirits category when everyone else has failed and what it could mean for your business. 

3.55pm Great British Spirit Pub of the Year finalists 

The cocktails created by the Great British Pub of the Year Spirits finalists will be talked about in front of the audience, before a panel of experts chooses the winning drink, which is to be announced at the Great British Pub Awards later in the week. 

Judges include: 

● Diageo’s head of on-trade category development Faith Holland 

● Morning Advertiser’s food and drink editor Nicholas Robinson 

● Nigel Huddleston, drinks writer and expert 

● Alex Percival, Diageo senior customer consultant 

● Matt Guest, Diageo on-trade senior consultant

4.20pm CLOSE



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