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The Prohibition Party

  • Party
  • 31/12/2016
  • £55


Secret location


This New Year's Eve, London’s most glamorous pleasure-seekers are invited to shake out their tassels, unfurl their feathers and elude the beady eye of the law at the most lavish Prohibition Party yet. In an age of loosening morals, soaring stocks and bootleg barons, opulence and exuberance is the order of the day at The Prohibition Party. Guests will be transported back to the giddy magic of the Roaring Twenties, a time when footloose flappers danced the Charleston, card sharp cads tried their luck at the roulette table, and everyone quaffed on the free-flowing bootlegged booze.

The Prohibition Party is a rip-roaring foray into a time in which sumptuous glamour met unbridled mischief. This NYE Special will deliver enough glitz, glamour and riotous merriment
to last the rest of the year. Guests are transported to a bygone era as morals are forgotten, live music demands you get footloose and the roulette tables beckon you to try your luck. Relive this golden age with all its sensation and allure, where opulence, exuberance and wanton waywardness were the order of the day.

Throughout the night, entertainment includes live bands, DJs on gramophones, silent cinema, dancing troupes and gambling tables. In order to escape the prying eyes of the police, cocktail menus are circulated hidden inside the pages of books, and drinks are served in teacups.