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Hop Swap

  • Meet the Maker
  • 14/03/2017
  • Free!


The Cock Tavern, 315 Mare Street, London, E8 1EJ


For Beer Lovers by Beer Lovers!

** March edition **
Meet the Maker - UBREW
Meet the Baker - TBC
Suicide Bomber - Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic Bio
Hot Sauce Pairing - TBC!
The "WORLD FAMOUS" ** Mystery Trade Raffle **
PLUS... exciting offerings on the TRADE TABLE.

Team Hop Swap will be bringing that Cloudwater Brew Co BRITHDAY DIPA Love, for all you FOMO cats out there! 
There will be at least 2x 440ml Cans on the share table... Make sure you bring something EPIC to share back!

Come and hang with the guys from UBREW, who will be taking over the taps with their awesome beers. They will be on hand to answer questions and chat about their RAD NEW CANS, and to share out some TASTY SAMPLES at the Hop Swap Share Table...

Do you.... fancy popping along to share some amazing bombers, bottles, and cans with others, or are on the hunt for a fabled ale... 
Do you.... have something lurking at the back of your cupboard you want to trade for something more interesting... 
THEN come along! 
We encourage you to bring something to share around, and they'll do the same!

There'll be a Mystery Trade Raffle, where you can win a special brew provided by the Hop Swap team.... 
Just BRING and SHARE to enter. Non mandatory donations for the raffle, will be taken also for CRISIS.