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  • 14/07/2018
  • £25

The Chap Olympiad is Britain’s most eccentric garden party, welcoming only the elegant and the unathletic to this world famous “celebration of sporting ineptitude and immaculate trouser creases”.


Bedford Square Gardens, London, WC1B 4DA

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Calling all tribes of originality, purveyors of flamboyancy and those who just refuse to dance to the faded tune of modern day society, Bourne & Hollingsworth and The Chap Magazine invite you to band together for Britain’s annual celebration of unconventionality - The Chap Olympiad.

Produced by bar and events group Bourne & Hollingsworth, and with games hosted by The Chap Magazine, the world’s best dressed will once again descend on Bedford Square Gardens for Britain’s most eccentric sporting event, for a midsummer ceremony, celebrating the weird, wonderful and wacky. A day-long celebration of diversity, set to the backdrop of a traditional summer garden party with a roster of live entertainment including 11 Olympiad games, The Chap Olympiad is designed to reward panache rather than sporting prowess and the games require the minimum amount of physical exertion. Not since the days of Bee versus Pigeon Racing during the Victorian times have so many befuddled anarcho-dandies and gin-addled punks been gathered together under one parasol to make mockery of the whole idea of sport.

Welcoming guests from all four corners of the globe, The Chap Olympiad plays host to a roster of outlandish personalities, an unforgettable experience for those that are idiosyncratically dressed, unequipped for any sporting activity and enjoy a large G&T. Whilst game participation is encouraged, it can be just as much fun to be a spectator, soaking up the sun, lounging in a deck chair and watching the hilarity unfold.

After the success of last year's new game additions such as Trump Toupee, this year's Chap Olympiad has an exploding catalogue of new topical games alongside live music, workshops, food stalls and, of course, mind boggling cocktails. Over the past 14 years, The Chap Olympiad has become a London institution and a must-see landmark event for anyone visiting the capital.