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  • 23/10/2018
  • £35

An evening of vegan wine and cheese tasting.


The Grocery, 52-56 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DP

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Have you ever tasted wine wondering why you can’t get the lychee, rose hips or minerality? Well in that case Winefulness is for you.

Through a series of fun wine-themed mindfulness practices, we will guide you out of your over-thinking head into your own unique sensory experience. Culminating in a delicious tasting of artisan vegan wines and cheeses, we will show you what Mindfulness really is and how it can be applied to absolutely any aspect of life.

Hosted by mindfulness trainer, Andy Hix from Wellbeing Capital Partners and wine communicator, Emma Roberts from Eviva Communications, this fun and experiential event will help you learn to:
• Taste wine like the professionals and become more wine confident!
• Apply the principles of mindfulness to your daily life and learn to really savour everything you eat and drink
• Be in control of your wine consumption rather than it controlling you!

The event is open to all, no matter what your previous mindfulness or wine tasting experience.
You will never drink wine the same way again!