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The Botanist WILD Dinner

  • 01/10/2019 to 05/10/2019
  • £49.50

WILD DINNER sees top chef and Director of Hunter Gather Cook, Nick Weston team up with The Botanist Gin to create an innovative five-course menu at Carousel to kick off London Cocktail Week.


Carousel London, 71 Blandford St, Marylebone, London, W1U 8AB
01/10/2019 to 05/10/2019

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Locally sourced ingredients always taste better... even more so when you have gathered them yourself. Fully integrated into the foraging movement, The Botanist Gin has collaborated with Nick Weston Director of Hunter Gather Cook - the finest foraging, game and cookery school in the UK - to host a series of WILD dinners this London Cocktail Week.

The experience includes a five-course culinary tour of wild and seasonal UK products along with foraged drinks expertly created by Abi Clephane, The Botanist UK brand ambassador.

Curated by Nick Weston himself, foussing on his passion for wild food and fire... after leaving London he moved to Sussex and built a treehouse in a quiet wood. Living there off-grid helped Nick to gain a better understanding of how to use the wild ingredients that he acquired through foraging, fishing and hunting, that he'll showcase in his menu.  


Welcome drink - The Botanist G&T with foraged garnish

Douglas fir cold smoked Fallow deer with smoke roasted beetroot & Wild horseradish puree, brick pastry.
Fig leaf | Long & Fizzy


Grilled wood pigeon breast, Humita, Hedgehog Mushrooms, Sorrel dressing.
Truffle Martini | Clean & Earthy


Partridge Bird Lollies, coal roasted red pepper relish, Celeriac remoulade.
Red Wine


Blowtorched pheasant with Iberico Pork fat & Thyme, Bruichladdich bacon jam, Ground ivy Rosti, Buttermilk sauce.
Sorrel & Damson | Fresh & Fruity


Fallow deer Tournedos, Creamed sea beet, Chanterelles, brown butter jus and Sussex Truffles
Bullshot | Slow Cooked Venison Stock, spiked with The Botanist Gin and spices


Damson Ice Cream
Nettle Gimlet | Peachy & Tannic

If you need something to look forward to before London Cocktail Week, the dinners will be running from 1st October, follow the booking link for more details.