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The Well by La Maison Wellness - Masterclass Schedule

  • 06/10/2019
  • FREE

A drop-in, hands on, interactive non-alcoholic cocktail masterclasses that will challenge your perceptions and encourage you to rethink your drinks.


The London Cocktail Week Pop-UP, 5-7 Grape Street, London, WC2H 8DW

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The Well by La Maison Wellness takes over the London Cocktail Week Covent Garden Pop-Up for an entirely alcohol-free day.
This will be a chance to taste some of the very best non-alcoholic products and meet the people behind the brands. 


12.00-12.45 : Dare Life - Drink Gimber 
Healthy, organic and with character learn how to spice up your life with Gimber cocktails.
13.00-13.45 : Please Drink Exceptionally
Moderation shouldn’t come with a compromise, learn how to make delicous yet accessible cocktails you can easuly replicate at home with Atopia.
14.00-14.45 : Bringing Joy to "Not Drinking"
Learn how to make delicious NA cocktails inspired by the energetic culture of Colombia with Caleño.
15.00-15.45 : The Power of CBD
Take time, makes memories and amplify the moment with OTO CBD Cocktail Bitters.
16.00-16.45 : Bold by Nature
From land to sea botanicals Feragaia celebrate the wild earth to offer you something different to drink.
17.00-17.45 : Bubbles with Benefits
Ultra-low alcohol yet ultra-high in goodness discover the elexir that makes these Wild Life Botanicals so special.
18.00-18.45 : Let Nature Sprtiz Your Life
Time for the aperitif hour to blossom with Everleaf a non-alcohlic bittersweet aperitif.
19.00-19.45 : Making The Impossible Possible
Keep loving your favorite classic cocktails with Lyre's full range of alternative spirits.

So if you’re looking for the perfect excuse to make the most of a Sunday during London Cocktail Week – even when work beckons on Monday morning – we suggest you take a Sunday stroll to the West End and challenge your perceptions of the mixed drink. #rethinkyourdrink.