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Gin Journey

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from 27/10/2015 to 24/05/2017

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The Gin Journey is a night out like you've never experienced before where you will be taken on an educational and fun-filled tour of London’s finest cocktail bars to explore the spirit that has become so synonymous with the City.

Gin is BACK and it's got its swagger on. You’ll learn all about the beautiful juniper lead spirit which has had such a tumultuous yet romantic history with London. Gin Lane, Genever, London Dry, Mother's Ruin, cucumber or lime - you name it, we'll chat about it.

On our tour you’ll be chauffeur driven by gin carriage to five bars including a working gin distillery. You'll enjoy samples of specially selected premium gins. You'll quaff well crafted gin cocktails, all whilst finding out about the history and production methods behind everything that touches your palette.

You won’t need to book a taxi, order a drink, and what’s more, there’ll be an area reserved for you in every bar. Sound great? It is.

The Gin Journey is an evening event that begins at 18:15 in Central London and finishes around 23:00 in East London. Food is available but not provided. Capacity of the group is 20.

The tour costs £60 per person and includes 5 samples of gin, 5 cocktails, a chauffeured drive from bar to bar, *no hangover and a ridiculous amount of fun.

For any additional information or enquiries please email [email protected]


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