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DrinkUp’s Guide to London Cocktail Week

This isn’t our first rodeo...or cocktail festival for that matter. Follow our lead and you’ll have the week of your life.

#LCW16 is the twelfth booze-inspired festival we’ve run so trust us on the following advice:

  1. Plan your week
  2. Be adventurous
  3. Drink water

Once you've got the basics down there's so much to explore. Plan your week around visits to the Cocktail Village and The World Class House - aim to spend an evening in each of these fantastic hubs. We’ve even plotted out a way for you all to explore the Cocktail Village without consuming 40 cocktails. Thank us for that one the morning after. 

You'll also need to put aside some time to try the £5 cocktails being served around town. Head over to the Tours page to see which areas have participating venues and you can pick which venues to check out based on what drink they'll be serving. A night in Farringdon could include bar visits to B&H Buildings, The Gibson, Oriole, Foxlow, 7 Tales and 12 other top London destinations. Try to explore an area you've never been out in. After all it's risking a fiver in exchange for discovering your new favourite bar. What's not to love?

We're looking forward to tasting these delicious cocktails across town, and of course are planning a sip + snack in each area... we're in LCW for the long run. 

So, now you're out enjoying the Cocktail Village, exploring new areas, discovering The World Class House and so far haven't booked into an event... which would be a total shame as there's so many great and exclusive tastings, dinners, masterclasses and parties happening. 


Dance the Friday night away at LCC's Top Gun Party drinking £5 Aviations or, if you enjoy starting the weekend early, be sure to join in Rockaoke on Thursday with Jack Daniel’s. Come rock with a live rock and roll band and get some JD love in you. Heading to Spirit of Tiki on the weekend? Don't forget to the world record attempt for the worlds biggest Pina Colada on Friday - that'll get your dancing juices flowing for the rest of the night. The LCW Cocktail Village closes by 9.30pm each night so it's the perfect destination for early doors on the weekend before heading out the parties and pop-ups. Have you been to The Brass and Crimson yet?

If love you food as much as your drinks and enjoy a lavish meal, or scrumptious snacks then be sure to book in for one of our dinners or food tastings. Join Fords Gin on Monday night in City Social for delicious martinis, fresh British oysters and some of the best views of the city. On Wednesday we'll all be dinning with Teeling whisky in Brixton for a four course meal with each dish carefully created to compliment the Teeling Whiskey range. More into your street food than sit-down dinners? You'll adore The Southern Comfort Chicken Shop!

Finally you should use LCW as your perfect chance (excuse) to immersive yourself in a favourite spirit and learn everything you can. From blending your own whisky with Chivas to exploring Beefeater's distillery there are loads of masterclasses to book.

 See you there London!


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