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Worship Street Whistling Shop Relaunches

Jane Ryan | 01/10/2015

A stunning refurb and a delicious new drinks menu is drawing London's eye back to a firm favourite.

Shoreditch's much-loved Worship Street Whistling Shop has had a makeover, giving the Victorian inspired gin palace more than just a fresh lick of paint. And boy does it look pretty. 

Surviving the ever whimsical London bar scene for four years has been no small achievement for owners Thomas Aske and Tristan Stephenson and now it's even better than before. The refurb includes a second oak bar, significant interior enhancements and a show-stopping new menu based on the four elements; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

The team, despite the antique decor, are still pushing forward using cutting edge liquid preparation techniques such as cryo-infusion to create the engaging drinks. And it's not just libations you can order here, rather a delicious food menu comes from the new Cured Meat and Pickle Ticket Station. 

"The main purpose of the refurb was to increase the guest experience through an additional bar. We are extremely excited about a menu nine months in the making and believe it to be our best offering yet," says Thomas Aske. 


Worship Street Whistling Shop are serving a £5 cocktail for wristband wearers. Simply pop by, flash them your wirstband and a smile and order an Imperial Vesper made with Tanqueray gin, fast infused dried banana, chamomile lillet, Maraschino liqueur and Dr Adam Elmegirab Spanish Bitters.



Milk & Silk - A velvety 18th century clarified milk punch combining roasted spelt, rice malt syrup, Bulleit Bourbon and a touch of overproof rum.


Persian Slipper - The smokey and chai-spiced cocktail is inspired by Sherlock Holmes’ tipple of choice on East London’s Brick Lane.


1691 - A sour and complex twist on a classic 1862 combining goat cheese-infused Ketel One Vodka, Grand Marnier reduction and spiced raspberry vinegar. 


Fair Lady - Belvedere vodka, Yerba Mate sherry, Whistling Shop Coridander Bitters and sage Chartreuse. 

undefinedTI' Solera - 'Live Solera' aged Zacapa 23, 5 spices, palm ravioli and lime. 

undefinedCamelia Spritz - Tanqueray, celery, cold brew green tea, kaffir fruit acid, Whistling Shop Kombu sake. 

undefinedBullfighter - Don Julio Blanco, Cocchi Americano, peppercorn distilled Cherry Heering, clarified ACE juice. 

undefinedHaiboro Loco - Nikka blended whisky, root tincture, cryo infused mint & dill soda and saline solution.




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