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What we're reading: Periodic Table of Cocktails

Jane Ryan | 15/10/2015

A simple and ingenious cocktail book which swaps out the chemical elements of the Periodic Table and replaces them with classic and modern drinks.

Ok so it's not quite that simple. But it definitely is ingenious. 

The Periodic Table of Cocktails is a playful cocktail book with some 106 drink recipes to make at home, from the most classic of cocktails to modern bar serves, which many readers will never have stumbled across. Until now, of course. 

What makes this book stand out from the hundreds of others is the way it groups the drinks, utilising the familar Periodic Table. But don't worry there's no Year 10 science quiz after reading this version. Bascially it works so that each element in the table is a different cocktail, with the coloumns gathering similar styles of drinks, and the rows the different spirits. For example the first column is Martinis and drinks served straight up - serious, boozy, served without ice or citrus. 


Inside the recipes are easy to follow with a well-written introduction to the drink, including a smattering of history and description of the booze inside. Author Emma Stokes (a.k.a Gin Monkey) takes the trouble to add personal notes to help us all create delicious-tasting cocktails. In the Tequila Sour she notes "egg white, to my mind, is crucial to a sour as it gives a wonderfully smooth and creamy texture" carefully explaining the reason for every ingredient's inclusion. It's a casual chat to her readers, making for engaging reading and creating a general fun vibe - which after all it should have, it's a cocktail book afterall. 

You won't find any beautiful photography inside, this is a straight-up guide to making drinks. But what it lacks in glossy pictures it makes up for in being one of the easiest to understand recipe books on the market. With this guide at home, you'll have no trouble whatsoever in creating all 106 drinks. A real winner in our eyes. 

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