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The Koji Hardshake
Picpoul de Pinet Domaine de Montredon
Camden Hells Lager

What we're drinking this week

Jane Ryan & Chris Orr | 19/10/2015

Our cocktail, wine and beer of the week, plus where to try them right now in London.

The Cocktails: The Koji Hardshake

What is it?

A creamy long Scotch drink with a subtle flavour of liquorice, garnished with a tourched marshmellow - creating a heady sweet aroma against the stronger palate of the cocktail. Ingredients include Mr Lyan Scotch, Dewar's 12-year-old Scotch, lemon juice, koji, cream sugar and liquorice bitters. Koji, by the way, is a sweet fragrant mold that’s often used to make pickles, beverages or other ferments. such as sake, miso, soy sauce, rice vinegar, mirin and amazake.

The Koji Hardshake is a grown-up Ramos Gin Fizz, at once thick and creamy but with serious boozy flavours and the added unusual ingredient of koji. It's easy tp see why the Observer just named this bar the best to drink at in the UK. 

Where can I drink it?


The Mondrian's hotel bar on the Southbank is based on botany, with drinks developed by the wonderous Mr Lyan team, also owners of Hoxton's White Lyan. Flavours here are always bold, well-combined and stunningly tasty. 


The Wine: Picpoul de Pinet Domaine de Montredon 2014

What is it?

An awesome version of this much under-appreciated white from the Languedoc. Crisp, clean with a fresh grapey, apple hit with a zinger kick on the finish. An absolute star with the fabulous seafood served up at the newly revamped Pont de la Tour. Best option, a bottle of this with a dozen of their sweet juicy Jersey Rocks. Perfection. 

£29.00 for the bottle. 

Where can I drink it?

Le Pont de La Tour

A stunning riverside setting by Tower Bridge, Le Pont de la Tour is loved for its Gallic cuisine and delicious seafood selection. 


The Beer: Camden Hells Lager

What is it?

A 4.6% lager based on pilsner malt. The beer is a perfect classic lager and delivers exactly what you'd expect - crisp, dry palate, easy to drink and with a beautiful efferescence. With its dry hop finish (using Perle and Hallertauer Tradition) Hells Lager is clean and refreshing with a depth of flavour from it's slow maturation in the tank. The Camden team took inspiration from a German-style Pilsner and gently hopped it. Wanting this beer is the reason they decided to start their brewery. 

Where can I drink it?

Merchant's Tavern

A charming, cosy space in Shoreditch, the Merchant's Tavern champions the Camden Town Brewery and serves its beers on draught. 


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