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London's Best Adult Advent Calendars

Jane Ryan | 25/11/2015

This year we're forsaking chocolate (well sort of...) in our advent calendars and replacing it with gin, whisky, nail polish and tea.

December's 24 day count down to Christmas is one of the most exciting times when you're a child. And if you come from one of those lucky households who believe in advent calendars then it's chocolate for days...24 of them to be precise. But why should children have all the fun? They get so many Christmas presents anyway. Treat yo'self we say and indulge in one of these fantastic, alternative and beautiful adult advent calendars. Over 18s only. 

Whisky Advent Calendar


It's Scotch for a month with this beautiful whisky calendar. Behind each of the 24 doors lies a different 3cl (30ml) miniature bottle of very different whiskies. One day you'll be sipping Glenfiddich, another day Balvenie, Auchentoshan Three Wood or triple malt Scotch Whisky Monkey Shoulder. Perfect for the dark days and warm fires. Buy it at Fortnum & Mason here

Ginvent Calendar


Another booze-filled calendar by Drinks By The Dram, this is a beautiful botanical advent calendar full of gin. Experience 24 miniature (30ml) bottles of different gins, from big names to new brands and craft gins. Sip cucumber-heavy Hendrick’s, angelica-rich Dodd’s, juniper-forward Two Birds London or coriander-scented Winsconsin’s Death’s Door Spirits. Stock up on the tonic, ice and lime and start counting down the days, remember 5pm is offically Gin O'Clock.  Buy it at Fortnum & Mason here

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar


One for your feminine side, this sweet advent calendar comes from Ciaté with the intention of injecting colour and glitter into the festive season. Valued at £124 but selling for £49, it's actually quite good value if you're in need of 24 premium new nail polishes, although if you plan on changing everyday you might need to stock up on the nail polish remover and cotton pads as well. Buy it at Selfridges here

Fortnum's Wooden Tea Advent Calendar


This handcrafted, wooden Fortnum & Mason Tea Calendar is beautiful. You can buy it filled with 24 samples of wonderful and rare teas sourced from India and the Far East or empty and stock it as you please. Best of all it's such a solid, gorgeous advent calendar it could be brought out each year as December rears its chilly head. If you opt for the filled calendar you'll be in for a treat with delights such as full-bodied Domur Dullung TGFOPI, the Orange Valley First Flush Darjeeling and Jungpana Second Flush Darjeeling, a rich, bright New Vithanakande 'Extra Special' Ceylon and the delicate Kotada Silver Tips from the Nilgiri mountains. Buy it at Fortnum & Mason here

Susanne Kaufmann 2015 Advent Calendar


Christmas time a bit stressy for you? Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this calendar made up of luxurious baths, indulgent body creams, nurturing hair products and healthy teas from Susanne Kaufmann. Buy it here from Liberty London.

Fortnum & Mason - Wooden Advent Calendar, Confectionery Filled


We couldn't really have a best of without sweets now could we? Another stunning wooden advent calendar from Fortnum & Mason which is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. It's decorated with the store's iconic Piccadilly facade, concealing an exciting selection of sweets and chocolates behind each of the 24 doors. Delicious. Buy it at Fortnum & Mason here


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