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10% off WineTubeMap Social kits

Host your own wine tasting party with the WineTubeMap Social!

The WineTubeMap Social includes everything you need to create a seriously fun wine party that will bring people together - whatever the occasion.

Based on the original WineTubeMap, a brilliant information graphic which lets you explore wine varities according to your own preferences, the kit takes things to the next level for an interactive tasting. It's perfect for parties at home, weekends away and get-togethers for businesses and organisations.

Stations include tasty treats, sensory tricks and delicious wines as well as all the wine kit you need to have a stress free party. Every kit comes with a personalised video link so the party is tailored to you.

It's avaliable in two sizes of kit, small for 8 – 12 people and large for 16 – 24 people. And now the wonderful team at WineTubeMap Social are offering DrinkUp readers 10% off the kit. Simply redeem with the code 'Drinkup10' for 10% off the WineTubeMap Social kits until 21/01/15. See more information here and book here.



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