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Bartenders are for life...not just for Christmas

Jane Ryan | 14/01/2016

Just two weeks ago they were your favourite person alive, but tonight across London bartenders stand lonely, bored, abandoned by the city. Please London, go and order a Manhattan. Every little helps.

The late nights, the cheesy songs, the tequila...oh the tequila. December was fun right?

But then we all sobered up and grew up and decided January was to be the boring month, and we make this decision each and every year.

We here at DrinkUp see the darker side to the health smoothies and lashings of avocado that the New Year inevitably brings around. We see the toll on London’s bartenders.

Once loved and praised for their skills, speed pourers and large quantities of bourbon, these young men and women are reduced to customers asking for soda and limes, cocktails without the simple syrup and pints of ginger ale. It’s possibly the longest shifts they’ll ever pull, for the more boring of orders.

So London, make a difference and visit a bar tonight. Order a Manhattan. Then a few shots. Wash it down with a Clover Club and watch their little smiles beam.

Relieve the boredom. Visit Andy at the Punch Room and order one of his fabulous rum punches - that bowl won't fill itself. 


Throw a few tips their way. The Callooh Callay team are always happy to shake it for your shrapnel. 


Get the vagrant bartenders off the streets. In normal months Alix and Marcis here are famed for their cocktails at Sager + Wilde Restaurant. Now they've been left desolate. 


Help the young ones keep their jobs, like Dan Garnell here at Happiness Forgets


And next December, please remember, a bartender is for life...not just for Christmas. 


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