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Order A Classic: Aviation

Jane Ryan | 10/05/2016

Gin, maraschino and lemon.

This cocktail is more luxurious air travel than budget airline with its well-executed sharp flavours.

Described as one of the last truly great cocktails to be invented before Prohibition, the Aviation is thought to have been created in America before The Savoy’s head bartender, Harry Craddock, immortalised it in his 1930 recipe book.

"The cocktail somehow distills all the glamour of an age when flying was a novelty for the rich and daring, rather than an expedited Greyhound service, into one exquisitely pale, icy injection of beverage octane." - David Wondrich

Sharp and on the sour side, the drink’s recipe originally called for 7.5ml of crème de violette, an ingredient which is sometimes added in today depending on your bartender’s preference. The violette, incidentally, also explains the name as it turns the drink a pale sky blue. 

Your bartender will need only the basics of gin, maraschino (a cherry liqueur made from the fruit's stones) and fresh lemon juice. Of course you may also want to try it with the crème de violette for added sweetness and an instagramable pale blue cocktail.


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