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London Cocktail Week: How it works

08/07/2016 Last updated: 08/07/2016


Following its hugely successful inaugural year, London Cocktail Week will be back in October 2016 for a seven day celebration of our capital’s fantastic cocktail culture. We welcomed more than 20,000 attendees to our 2015 festival, with almost all scheduled events selling out.

The mechanic for consumers to get involved is easy; wristbands are available for pre-purchase online and can then be collected once the week begins from our co-branded pop-up Hubs. Wristbands cost just £10 (complimentary for members of the trade) and are valid for bespoke offers all week at any of our partnering venues.

London Cocktail Week promotes its chosen venues through printed, digital and social media – and in 2015 approximately £625,000 was injected into our venues through speciality serves. 100% of this revenue remains with our bars and there is no charge to be on our list. There is also no shortcut – excellence is the only way. 



Once a partnership has been agreed with a venue, we ask that you provide a bespoke offer for wristband wearers throughout the duration of the festival.

This could be either; The Cocktail Tours (£5 bespoke cocktails for the week) or Bespoke Offers (eg. Sip & Snack food pairings).

Also, by agreeing to be one of our festival partners, each venue qualifies to be listed in the relevant area on the DrinkUp.London website and promoted through all associated social media channels.

Twitter: @LDNCocktailWeek & @DrinkUpLDN
Facebook: /LDNCocktailWeek & /DrinkUpLDN
Instagram: @DrinkUpLDN


To be on the Cocktail Tours a venue must submit a £5 bespoke cocktail for our wristband wearers. This must be available for the full duration of your opening hours and the £5 serve must be inclusive of the service charge. Over 125,000 cocktails were sold in 2015.

Each venue on the Cocktail Tours will be mapped into a key area of London and listed in our guidebook, which is given FREE to each festival goer when they collect their wristband.

The listing will include the bar’s address, opening hours and cocktail & recipe alongside an image of the bar. 

In addition, we also list your venue online and promote through social media with images posted daily announcing new bar sign ups.


Cocktail Trading Co.
Feelin' Chipper: Fords gin, roast potato syrup, peach & thyme shrub, trimmings.

Tonic & Remedy
Orchard Manhattan: Buffalo Trace bourbon, homemade apple vermouth washed into a sea salt & cider vinegar crisp bag, homemade hops & elderflower bitters, can be served sweet with the addition of candy floss.

Shut Up and Drink: Crystal Head vodka, Chase rhurbarb vodka, strawberry shrub, lime mix, bubblegum, milk, top with cream soda.

Pappy 10 Old Fashioned: Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old bourbon, demerara syrup, orange bitters.

The Churchill Bar & Terrace
Off Piste: Tequila, limoncello, thyme & lemongrass syrup, grapefruit bitters, shaken with Zesty Green & Black’s Organic Lemon chocolate.



For those venues not able to take part in the Cocktail Tours or with a restaurant license only, we still look to create bespoke offers for wristband wearers.

This can be anything from a cocktail and snack pairing in the bar area to a full menu offering.

This offer cannot simply be a cocktail serve, nor conflict with the £5 cocktail offer, and we encourage our partners to think creatively in order to ensure great take up of the offer.

Other great offers have been discounts on cocktail menus or bespoke happy hours. 


Paternoster Chop House
"Rum Soul" cocktail served with our pulled pork mini sandwich with a side order of coleslaw -  £6.50

Lucky Voice Soho
20% off karaoke room hire price when you book a slot during LCW. To wet your whistle during your session enjoy a Raspberry Collins - £4. To book please call 0207 439 3660 or email [email protected]


There must be a catch?
Not at all, you don’t need to pay us anything, nor do we take a cut from the serves you sell. We ask that we work together to make the festival the best it can be through cross promotion.

Can I put forward more than one cocktail for the tours?
Absolutely! However, we can only promote one but you are more than welcome to promote the other drink(s) internally and through your social media.

Does my serve have to be available throughout my venue’s opening hours?
Yes, this will avoid disappointment of our consumers.

My venue’s license requires people to eat if they buy an alcoholic drink, can I be on the cocktail tours?
Sadly not, the tours are just for drinks, so we would suggest to put forward a bespoke offer.

My venue is quite small so I not sure I can accommodate a group of more than four...
No problem, when you submit the form please include any T&Cs and we can promote this accordingly.

What about if a person comes in without a wristband but wants the drink?
You are more than welcome to sell it to them but at a higher price point – please ensure the £5 offer is only for wristband wearers.

The festival goer is has a wristband but isn’t wearing it, what should I do?
Please do ask them to fasten in someway so venues will know it is definitely theirs.

There is a group of four but they have one wristband do I give them four offers?
No, one wristband equates to one offer.

Can you tell me who else will be the in the area?
Unfortunately we don’t have that information finalised pre deadline.

Can my venue be a hub?
Placement of our Hubs is agreed with our headline partners so not something we can offer. However, if you are keen for your venue to host a Hub or pop-up please do let us know in case an opportunity arises.

What if someone is very drunk, do I have to serve them?
No, normal bar rules apply.

Could you throw a couple of free wristbands for my team and I?
Trade get free wristbands – you can register for these on the website and just come to one of our hubs during the festival to collect them, please bring a proof of working in the industry.

Can my venue be on the tours and put forward a bespoke offer/event?
Of course! Thank you very much for wanting to be so involved.

My venue is being built or being refurbished can I still be a part of the festival?
As long as your venue is completely open to the public by the deadline date, just so we know for sure it will be open for the festival. If there is any possibility of a later opening we cannot include your venue.

Can you include me in one of your newsletters?
We can’t guarantee this, as it is an editorial decision.

What if I get a private venue booking?
If this happens please let us know as soon as possible so we can promote accordingly.

I don’t want to be part of the festival, can I still be listed on Drink Up London?
Unfortunately not, these venues are ones that we work with for the festivals.


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