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How To Make A Dark 'N Stormy

Dark rum, ginger syrup, lime, ginger beer

Spicy and refreshing

Ginger and dark rum give this cocktail plenty of rich spice

The Dark ‘N Stormy owes its existence to the British Royal Navy, who by the mid-19th century, were using a heavy blend of dark rums for their daily rum ration. They also acquired a ginger beer bottling plant on Ireland Island in Bermuda around this time, perhaps to offset the rum, or simply because it was a popular British drink. For whatever reason the navy started making ginger beer, and it was only a matter of time before Bermuda’s dark rum would be mixed in, which made for a much better drink that neat rum.

Nowadays Gosling’s dark rum have a trademark on the name Dark ‘N Stormy and insist that the cocktail is always made with their rum. However they forgot to establish the name under Australian law and there alone the name is owned by local rum producer Bundaberg. 

Make it at home:

Prep Time: 3 minutes   |   Serves: 1   |   Skill: Super easy


60ml dark rum (Gosling’s)   |   90ml ginger beer   |   15ml fresh lime juice   |   cubed ice to serve   |  1 fresh lime wedge


Collins glass


1. Pour the rum and lime juice into the glass    |   2. Fill to the top with cubed ice   |  3. Top with ginger beer   |   4. Garnish with a lime wedge