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DrinkUp's Library: The Story of Champagne

Nicholas Faith traces France’s famed sparkling wine back to its origins and looks at how champagne managed to become the best fizz in the world.

Champagne as a region, and a wine, has a marvellous backstory which runs through history with kings and travellers, soldiers and farmers – something not many consider when thinking of France’s famous fizz. If you’ve ever tried a drop of this beautiful, bubbly wine then you’ll know champagne comes with a certain attached image – one of clubs and luxury and celebration. This isn’t that story, but rather the other, more dramatic and historical account. Forget P. Diddy, this is real wine knowledge.

Instead Nicholas Faith’s book tells the story from the region as it goes through tumultuous years, fighting to stay together and make its world famous wines. This history is engagingly recounted before the book turns its attentions to the wine itself, from production to the main grande marques.


Faith is a well-known writer and journalist who made a big name for himself in the booze industry with his guide to cognac. Now this latest edition of his champagne book brings the story up-to-date, taking in-depth look into the industry that has become champagne right up to how much we’re drinking it today. 

Painting a picture of an industry which has had to make large changes in the past 20 years, The Story of Champagne is essential reading to understand why the region and the wine exist as they do today. 

Nothing is missed by Faith’s keen eye for detail, making this book one for those with a real love and passion for the wine, or those who want to fall in love for the first time with champagne. 

You can buy a copy from Amazon here