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Five Boozy NYE Resolutions

2017 is not all about dry January - here's five resolutions to help you learn more about booze for the rest of the year.

1. Learn How to Make Two Cocktails at Home


Love a Martini? A Negroni? A Bloody Mary for the morning-after? There's nothing better than your favourite cocktail, sipped comfortably on your couch, plus it's an excellent skill to have when hosting guests or when you find yourself faced with bottles of booze and not much else at a house party. 2017 is the year to master a recipe or two, remember the ratios (a Negroni is equal thirds and thus an excellent place to start) and start mixing. You'll probably discover you don't even need to invest in any equipment if you go for drinks which are stirred or built - just be sure to have some decent ice. 

2. Discover a Favourite Rioja...


...or burgundy, or bordeaux. Dedicate yourself to one wine region this year, delight in its differences and discover the exact style which you find the most delicious. You'll quickly build up an excellent portfolio of regions and styles you love, and suddenly the wine list will seem like an inviting read rather than a foreign language. 

3. Drink from the Source at a London Brewery


The wonderous craft revival which saw small brewers turning London into a beer drinker's paradise has meant we are all spoiled for choice when it comes to drinking from the source. But so many of us have never discovered the fun (and improved taste) of enjoying a pint in a brewery's bar. From the now-famed Bermondsey beer mile, which is home to the likes of Brew By Numbers, Four Pure and Partizan, to east London's breweries around Hackney and Bethnal Green, there is plenty of choice and many locations. These venues may not be fancy but nothing beats a rough wood table, a lively atmosphere and beer running straight from the tanks into your glass. Not a beer lover? Try this but with gin distilleries. Portobello Road's The Ginstitute or the City of London Distillery are both excellent, and you can even make your own gin. 

4. Visit One of London's Top Ten Bars


Each year an academy of international voters select the world's 50 best bars; in 2016 five of the top ten were from London. Bascially we are all spoiled for cocktail choice. Those five are The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, Dandelyan, The Connaught, The Gibson and Happiness Forgets. They're all stylistically very different, from plush, old world hotel bars, to racy modern designs on the Southbank and the magestic simplicity of a brick-exposed basement bar in Shoreditch. Visit one, three or all five; it would be a crime not to support our brightest talent afterall.

5. Attend a Wine Tasting


Tasting as a novice can be tricky, and it's a skill not many of us are born with. But if you think picking up notes of canteloupe and toasted almond in wine is a load of old toff then you might be missing out on some of the most delicious flavours in your glass. Learn what wines tickle your tastebuds and what notes to be searching for. Once you understand what should be there it's a whole lot easier, and if you like wine, well worth your time. We love tastings by Le Cordon Bleu London and Honest Grapes. Check out what they have going on in 2017.