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Craft Collaboration: Courage SE1 Returns to Southwark

With 230 years of brewing behind them, Courage is returning to its roots, in a new collaboration with Southwark Brewing.

One of London's oldest beers, Courage, has teamed up in a new collaboration with Southwark Brewing Co to return home to its roots and once again brew beer in London SE1.

Having brewed beer for 230 years, Courage's site of their original brewery on the banks of the Thames is still there, but no longer in use. So to mark this huge birthday, and celebrate their rich London heritage, they've decided to create the Courage SE1 project, which will see a new limited edition range of cask ales released every two months until February 2018. These new beers will be brewed by the team at Southwark Brewing Co. with the guidance of the brew team at Charles Wells, custodians of the Courage brand and heritage.

Two of the new beers will be released during London Beer Week, with a further five every two months until February 2018. Each beer will only be brewed in small quantities and will only be available for pubs and bars within the London SE1 and surrounding areas.


The site of the original Courage Brewery

While both Courage and Southwark Brewing Co. produce high quality cask ale they do sit in very different worlds, from a small craft production to one of Britain's biggest and best known beers. The SE1 project combines the best of those worlds to see what can happen when passionate brewers come together.

While the brewery itself may no longer be there, Courage says breweries such as Southwark Brewing Co. continue the fine traditions of London’s ales and stouts, while each adding their own new personality and influences from other brewing cultures.

As part of this Courage SE1 project, the Courage Cockerel has also been given a modern twist. The new design, only for use with the project, will be as important to the Courage SE1 project as the original Cockerel is with the heritage Courage brands. And what better way to do so than to have this new version of the Cockerel proudly standing over London, watching as people drink and enjoy its new Courage SE1 beers.