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Bar Spotlight: Disrepute

Soho's latest opening is surely one of London's sexiest looking bars.

Opening just before Christmas, Disrepute was the final piece in Soho's regentrification puzzle. Once London's only destination for an incredible night out, Soho slowly went the way of chain bars and dirty nightclubs. 2016, for all its faults, was the year that finally turned Soho around and Disrepute was a large part of that movement. 

Step inside and you'll discover a decadent bar serving incredible cocktails with an innovative menu, all to the tune of the elegant early 1960s. That inspiration comes from Disrepute's former occupiers - it sits on the site of the old Kingly Club, and before that the Pinstripe Club which you may have heard of as the spot where cabinet minister John Profumo carried out his eponymous affair.

Today there's less scandal and more delicious drinks as Chris Dennis and his team craft cocktails and make merry, as you can see: