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Welcome to The Napoleon

London has a new booze hotel and this time the ratio is one bedroom to three bars. Perfect, right?

Hotel's normally have a bar and in some cases, such as the iconic London Savoy there's two award-winning cocktail destinations admist the 268 rooms and suits. Inside the brand new The Napoleon however, there's just one bedroom to three fantastic and completely different bar offerings, from a basement dedicated to whisky to a ground floor sherry and disco bar and a first floor classic cocktail offering. Finally, someone got the ratio right. 

The Napoleon is a seriously sleek looking venue, tucked behind Liverpool Street Station it takes over the entirity of 9 Christopher Street. Opened by the same team as Worship Street Whistling shop, The Napleon had in fact started to move in over a year ago when they opened the first of their bars, Black Rock, the rest of the hotel then launched this month, with sherry bar SACK opened in partnership with Barry Wilson and Fabrice Limon of Scotch + Limon

Top Floor: The Napoleon Suite


Perched on the top floor is The Napoleon Suite, a modern and gorgeously designed 40 sq/m hotel room which, among its many beautiful features, boasts an extensive mini-bar and an in-room service elevator meaning you can get food and drink from any of the three bars that call the hotel home. Sherry for lunch? Don't mind if we do. The most shocking thing about The Napoleon Suite however is how relatively inexpensive it is, charging a mere £160 per night to crash on the super king size bed and feast on breakfast and hot coffee the next day - which is about the same rate at Old Street's Holiday Inn. We know which pillow we'd rather be laying our heads on...

First Floor: Devil's Darling


Devil's Darling looks unlike any cocktail bar you'll have drunk in. The tables feel as if you're in a comedy or jazz club with their kitsch lamps and pinned tableclothes - and the snack bowls, resembling Indian restaurant dip containers, only add to this vibe. Seriously it feels as if you're awaiting papadums and a stand up routine and yet it all looks very sleek and purposeful. The menu rotates daily, recommending three classics a day and always featuring something long and refeshing, something sharp and boozy and a cocktail that sits perfectly in the middle. Apart from these you can, of course, have anything and trust it will be executed perfectly. Great cocktails, a vinyl record playlist and a style of service we wish there was more of in London - Devil's Darling is a destination in its own right. 

Ground Floor: SACK


An authentic sherry bar meets disco vibes - not many people could dream up such a fantastic idea for a bar. SACK is everything that bizarre combination promises, with an impressive range of sherry from across the bodegas of Jerez served in The Napoleon's rustic ground floor bar complete with barrels, cheese and jamon. The walls are littered with pictures the owners have taken from trips across the south of Spain and iconic images from Studio 54. So while you're there sipping manzanilla and wondering if your tastebuds are ready for an amontillado you'll be accompanied by some seriously throwback tunes. Quiet afternoons give way to the buzz of Jerez's flamenco bars after sundown when the locals are all sipping their favourite fortifed wine and enjoying the music. We'd argue disco tunes are a step better for London and could confidentally say SACK is DrinkUp's new favourite bar. 

Basement: Black Rock


The Napoleon's basement bar should need no introduction as it's been calling Christopher Street home since March 2016. It didn't take long for London's barflies to fall in love with its stunning and impressive centre piece, namly the giant tree trunk which acts as a table and cocktail aging station, running through the middle of the bar. And with good reason - it's frankly gobsmacking. But once you spend a good ten minutes ogling the space be sure to take a further look behind the glass cabinet doors which display Black Rock's whisky collection. Rather than classify the bottles by region or brand the team have tasted their way through each whisky and organised them according to six different flavour groups, from sweet to smoky and whether they're heavy or light. It's the most dedicated and unique whisky experiences you can have in London, and now it's been joined by a complete bar crawl within the buildings, it's perhaps made even more special.