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Bar spotlight: sack bar

A dedicated London sherry bar has opened, serving a delightful range of Jerez’s famous wines – and we’ve caught the beauty of this place on film.

An authentic sherry bar meets disco vibes - not many people could dream up such a fantastic idea for a bar. SACK is everything that bizarre combination promises, with an impressive range of sherry from across the bodegas of Jerez served in The Napoleon's rustic ground floor bar complete with barrels, cheese and jamon.  

The walls are littered with pictures the owners have taken from trips across the south of Spain and iconic images from Studio 54. So while you're there sipping manzanilla and wondering if your tastebuds are ready for an amontillado you'll be accompanied by some seriously throwback tunes. Quiet afternoons give way to the buzz of Jerez's flamenco bars after sundown when the locals are all sipping their favourite fortifed wine and enjoying the music. We'd argue disco tunes are a step better for London and could confidently say SACK is DrinkUp's new favourite bar.