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How To Make A Painkiller

Rum, orange, lemon and coco lopez.

Tropical and rich

A speciality of the British Virgin Islands, this fruity drink brings the tropics to you

The story of the Painkiller belongs to an intriguing bar on Jost Van Dyke island in the British Virgin Islands. Without a dock, the usual way to reach this incredibly small bar is to swim in, ensuring all guests are nicely drenched by the time they order a drink. So is their money, hence the name; Soggy Dollar Bar.

Its original owner, Daphne Henderson, was known throughout the islands for her cocktail creations, one of which was the Pussers’ Painkiller. Henderson always refused to tell anyone her secret recipe but eventually it was cracked, or at least nearly cracked, in the 1980s by Pusser's founder Charles Tobias.

It’s still best enjoyed perched on one of the six seats at Soggy Dollar Bar, but if swimming to White Bay on Jost Van Dyke island isn’t feasible then this recipe should bring the tropics to your glass.

Make it at home:

Prep Time: 5 minutes   |   Serves: 1   |  Skill: Easy

40ml Pussers rum   |   15ml fresh orange juice   |   10ml fresh lemon juice   |   20ml coco lopez   |   Cubed ice to shake   |   Cubed ice to serve   |   1 orange slice

Cocktail shaker   |   Hawthorne strainer   |   Rocks glass

1. Pour the rum, orange and lemon juice and coco lopez into one half of your cocktail shaker
2. Fill this with ice
3. Cover and shake well until thoroughly chilled
4. Fill a rocks glass up with ice
5. Strain the liquid into the ice-filled glass
6. Garnish with an orange slice.