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A Bartender's Guide To London: Daniel Schofield

No one knows London like its bartenders, chefs and waiters. After all they're asked everyday where to go next...

Daniel Schofield, 25

Where are you currently working and why there?
I am currently working at Coupette in Bethnal Green. Chris Moore and I were working together at 69 Colebrooke Row when he told me about his concept. I leapt at the chance to work alongside him and the team.

Were you ever meant to be something else than a bartender?
I was studying Event Management when I fell in love with the industry. I guess I have always had a passion for hospitality and helping people have fun.

What’s the one drink we should order from you?
If you come to Coupette you need to try the Champagne Piña Colada, it’s a game changer. Combining the elegance of Champagne with the mouth watering flavours of one of the worlds most iconic cocktails.

Where do you go after shift?
There is nothing better than enjoying a well earned drink with the team after a shift. For me it doesn’t really matter where, but I think it is important to unwind outside of work.

Where do you go on a night off?
I enjoy going to see friends at some of my favourite bars in London, such as Bar Termini, Bar Swift, Callooh Callay, The Savoy, Dandelyan, Three Sheets, Sager & Wilde, Happiness Forgets, Brilliant Corners and The Edition. I also try to visit places I haven’t been before, but there are so many to choose from!

Where do you go for late night dirty food?
I have a few special places in Chinatown. But who could forget El Camion and Beigel Bake.

Where do you go for good late night food?
It really depends how late. Barrafina and Le Relais de Venise both service food until 10:30pm-11pm.

Where do you take dates?
I have always thought 69 Colebrooke Row was a perfect place for people to bring dates. Especially if Maurice, the house pianist is playing.

Where do you wish dates took you?
Anywhere as long as the company is good. Scarfes Bar and Gordon’s Wine Bar are good date spots for me.

What’s the most dangerous bar in London for you?
Bar Termini is always very risky for me. I always intend on just having an espresso, but I do have a soft spot for their Negronis.

What was the worst flat you had in London?
I consider myself to be really lucky with the flats that I have lived in. Both have been good.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
I really enjoyed Nahm in Bangkok, but my Mums cooking has to get a mention too.

What’s the most underrated food spot in town?
Trullo in Islington for great Italian food.

If we’re coming to your bar, where should we go before and after?
You should go see our friends at Satan’s Whiskers for something delicious before visiting Coupette. Afterwards, you should head to The Sun Tavern for a beer or a whisky.

What’s your personal bartender’s ketchup?
Sugar. I find that a dash of sugar syrup can really improve a drink. It enhances flavour, adds texture and mouthfeel and helps to bind flavours.

What’s your favourite spot in London that’s not a bar?
Inner Temple Gardens on a sunny day is one of my favourite places in London, it’s so quiet because nobody knows how to actually get in.

You’ve got friends in town for one night – where are you going?
We would start off by having dinner together at Barrafina or Padella, before heading over to The Toucan to sit and watch the people of Soho go by.

Who / where makes the best classic cocktails in London?
Any of Tony Conigliaro's bars or Satan’s Whiskers.

Where do you wish you drank at more?
The Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell is a place I don’t frequent enough. Every time I go back I get blown away.

What area do you wish you drank in more?
I have just moved to a new flat just south of the river. I need to go exploring!

We’re buying the shots – what are you having?
Dealers choice.