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If Hawksmoor did Big Mac meals….. Oh wait.

This is the fanciest “fast food” burger you’ll ever have.

Two dry-aged beef patties, Hawksmoor special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles all in a sesame seed bun. Move over Big Mac… Hawksmoor have launched their own Big Matt and it’s absolutely delicious! Served up with beef dripping fries and their most legendary cocktail, the Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew (it’ll blow any hangover out of the water, trust us) this is the fanciest “fast food” burger you’ll ever have.

The best news? It all comes in at £20. Result.

You haven’t even got wangle a reservation in one of the restaurants because Hawksmoor are serving their Big Matt Meal in our favorite spot: at the bar. Keep it casual, rock up with your friends or a date you don’t mind getting messy with and get stuck in.

The Big Matt is here to stay and is being served across all the Hawksmoor restaurants.  Our favourite is the dimly lit Spitalfields Bar in (you guessed it) Spitalfields but all of their bars knock out perfect cocktails and delicious snacks so you won’t be disappointed whatever part of town you’re in.