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5 places to eat burgers on National Burger Day

Because we'll take any excuse to gorge ourselves on London's best burgers.

Mr Hyde brings us NATIONAL BURGER DAY! Today... Thursday 24th August 2017!

So... what is it?

Simple, it's a day to celebrate the humble burger, with over 1000 restaurants across the captial taking part offering 20% off burgers for one day only. 

How to celebrate?

Head over to Mr Hyde and check out all the places you can nosh down a burger, or make your way to Street Feast at Hawker House for an entire event dedicated to the invention of the meat in bun meal we like to call a burger. (please note this event has unfortunately sold out)

Where to go?

There are over 1000 restaurants involved, which we know can seem a little daunting, we've picked our TOP 5 burger joints... ENJOY! 


...go for the Big Matt Meal (like... totally way better than the Big Mac Meal!)


Dirty Bones

... go for the Mac Daddy (eating this burger will not turn you into the "ultimate pimp"... probably)



... go for the Dead Hipppie (note - no hippies died in the making of this burger)


Patty & Bun

... go for the Ari Gold cheeseburger (everything it touches turns to gold... oh wait, that's midas... same, same)


Honest Burgers

... go for the veggie fritter burger (a valid part of your vegetable intake for the day)