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Kanpai! is a magazine which Merchant’s Heart has created for, and filled with, the best talent and enthusiasts in the world of drinking.

It takes Bikan Yuso as a starting point – a Japanese phrase meaning a sense of beauty, and playful imagination, which underpins everything Merchant’s Heart does. That means using colourful design and irreverent content to make the mag insightful without being drier than a London gin.

In this special edition, created with London Cocktail Week in mind, we ask the city’s best bartenders where they like to go drinking, so that we can all copy them, take a tour around London’s more notorious drinking spots with Portobello Gin’s Jake F. Burger and meet the girls behind London Cocktail Week itself. If that isn’t enough drinking expertise to whet your appetite for the week, look to our excusive chats with the likes of Alistair Burgess (owner of Happiness Forgets) and mouth-watering shoots of drinks made by the best in the business, including Simone Caporale and Matt Hastings.

Kanpai! Is designed to look, feel and read differently to other drinks magazines. It uses photographers from the fashion industry, celebrated illustrators and experts in scientific research, to give content new twists – so you’ll find bartenders looking like Hollywood actors, and incredible under-the-microscope photography of classic mixed drinks, answering some questions in the process (- is there really a difference between a vodka martini, shaken and stirred? Find out inside).

Mainly, this issue of Kanpai! Is about getting you to the best bars in London, and choosing the best drinks on the menu.
And having something really good to read while you wait for your first taste of it. 

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