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Meet The Team Behind The Festival

The DrinkUp.London team is a small gang of professional night owls that pride themselves on knowing what to drink... and where.

Meet the #DreamTeam - who have each come up through the hospitality ranks, cleaning out bins, mixing up drinks and earning our boozy stripes over the years.
The full team will be on site running the show at The Cocktail Village this London Cocktail Week, so please do come say hello... 

Hannah Sharman-Cox is the founder and MD of DrinkUp.London.
Hannah started working in hospitality in 2002 when she was part of the original team at Milk & Honey, London. After a few more award-winning venue launches with Match Bar Group, she switched from bars to brands and worked alongside Simon Difford where she started a PR agency which launched St-Germain elderflower liqueur and Portobello Road Gin to name just two… 
What began as a side project in 2010, London Cocktail Week has grown and grown from humble beginnings and as the years have passed London Wine Week, London Beer Week and DrinkUp.London have been added to the fold. To date, the three festivals have welcomed over 150,000 guests and injected more than two million pounds of revenue directly back into the London hospitality trade through the festival pass scheme alone. @HSharmanCox

Siobhan Payne is the Festival Director of London Cocktail Week.
Siobhan started her career in PR for major drinks brands, before joining Hannah full time in 2011 and building the festival into what it is today - the largest cocktail event of its kind in the world.  
In 2015, Siobhan was voted number 12 in the Event 100 Club, a list of the 100 most influential people in the events industry and under her steer London Cocktail Week has been voted Best Event in London for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016) at the Design My Night awards. @LondonSiobhan

Once described as Stunt-Livered Fairy Godmothers, we're pretty happy with how that sums up this team.

Bea Bradsell is our Bars Ambassador, which means she’s always out and about, meeting with the great and the good of the London bar scene.
For each of our festivals she curates the list of bars that are invited to join the Tours and ensures that every venue within our list is up to scratch serving delicious drinks in fantastic surroundings with the utmost level of hospitality. Basically born behind the bar, she has previously held the fort and run the floor at Callooh Callay, The Pink Chihuahua at El Camion and Swift. @BBradsell

Sam Ryan is our Content Manager and as such is responsible for all our online activity! Her way with words and dedication to tonality is second to none and that alongside her passion for the hospitality industry ensured she slotted perfectly into the team in 2018. @SambreroSam

Sam Benton is the Project Manager across all elements of DrinkUp.London and has very fast become the glue that holds us all together... Sam is fressssssssh into the world of hospitality but her love of the industry means she's taken to it like a duck to water. If you need a job doing... this is your girl. @SamanthaJBenton

Martin Saracco is creative director for DrinkUp.London, joining the team in 2017.
He began his design career in Brazil, studying advertising before moving to Buenos Aires in 2012, Italy in 2013 and finally to London in 2014. He is a qualified tattoo artist and is bringing fresh ideas and visuals to the website and the festivals. @MartinSaracco

Addie Chinn is an honourary member of staff and we like to think... our personal photographer. He is responsible for almost all the wonderful images within this site but his body of work is far more impressive than just us and you should take the time to check out his website and his portfolio. @AddieChinn