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Celebrating a decade!

2019 is a big year for us… it marks our tenth anniversary of our first ever festival – London Cocktail Week – something we as a team are incredibly proud of.

As it’s a celebratory year, we’ve decided to up the ante from the off so we’re adding in even more festivals and even more chances to Drink Up London.
The model for all our festivals is always the same – you need a Festival Pass on your phone – you look for the bars taking part (always the very best bars for the theme of each festival) and you flash said pass at your bartender to get £6 drinks. It's that easy. It’s like the best happy hour in the world as we pride ourselves on spot-on drinks in London’s finest establishments – but at very fair prices. 

For our tenth year, we’re extending London Cocktail Week to ten days long. A day for every year we've been in business! 

And this year, because we’re celebrating, we’re making big plans to make your year as exciting as ours. First off – for our tenth year, we’re making London Cocktail Week ten days long. So that’s two weekends to extend the party – with 300 amazing bars serving £6 cocktails the whole time. 

And what about the other festivals?
Well, we can’t make them any longer but we can make them free.
That’s right…in 2019 all our other Festival Passes will be handed out free of charge as our gift to you to celebrate our tenth year in business!
Cocktails For Everyone! All Year Long!