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Bombay Sapphire Gin at The Negroni Experiment

An iconic and established gin brand in the signature blue glass bottle...

70cl / 40%
Trendy younger sibling to Bombay Original, on whose recipe it is based (with a couple of extra botanicals). Credited with kickstarting gin's fashionability since its launch in 1987, Bombay Sapphire has become a truly iconic brand, with its distinctive blue bottle recognisable in bars the world over.


In the modern era of gin it’s easy to overlook these benchmark products, but we have a lot to thank Bombay Sapphire for. Back in the 80s - gin was in the doldrums! It was prim and old fashioned and the bitter flavours of tonic and the floppy old lemon slice that went in it put people off. Then in 1987, Bombay Sapphire came along.
TASTE : Rather classic in style although light and delicate. Note a forward spice and punch coming from the grains of paradise, tiny little spice bombs from the ginger family that give an almost electric spice.