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Havana Club 3 year old at The Daiquiri Experiment

Delicious Cuban rum that is perfect for mixing into refreshing summer cocktails.

70cl / 40%
Probably the most prestigious light Cuban rum, Havana Club 3 year old infuses an extra touch of quality into rum cocktails and is great with just about any mixer we can think of.


If you order a Daiquiri in Havana, Havana 3 Year Old is what you’ll get. El Floridita, or ‘The Cradle of the Daiquiri’, gets through 70 bottles of the stuff a day. If you aren’t content with the fact that Ernest Hemingway used to power through their Daiquiris, then know that this straw coloured rum is light, dry, faintly fruity and has a subtle backbone of oak running through. Not a drop is less than 3 years old. It’s the perfect foil for fresh lime and sugar, and the only thing worth drinking on a hot summery day.

TASTE : Stray aromas of fruit and vanilla, molasses and grassy sugar cane.