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Soho institution Swift launches their first new menu in a year.

It's the cocktail menu we've all been waiting for - multi-award winning cocktail bar Swift's 2019 menu has landed and it looks great! A range of new cocktails that will be served in its downstairs bar for the year ahead. Headed up by co-owners Mia Johansson and Bobby Hiddleston, but with input and creations from across the team, it will be the biggest shake up of the menu since the bar launched two years ago.

Using beautiful and striking illustrations the menu will be split in to four distinct sections designed to guide guests on the style and flavour profile of the cocktails: Bright, Delicate, Stiff and Rich.

‘Delicate’ features light flavoured ingredients such as cucumber and blossom flowers, alongside fresh linen and dragon flies, whilst ‘Bright’ packs some punchy flavours such as chilli and citrus fruit, with bold colours. Progressing through the menu, ‘Stiff’ nods to boozier, stirred down drinks with cigar smoke and a dramatic landscape, whilst ‘Rich’ depicts the decadence of heavier style cocktails with chocolate, cherries and a lipstick kiss.

Take a peek...

HEDGEROW - Delicate
undefinedCombining liqueurs and fortified wine for a dry, fruity cocktail with forest notes, it combines 30&40 calvados eau-de-vie, blackberry, Tio Pepe, bay, and still cider.

CORAL REEF - Bright 
Long and fruity with an earthy note, this cocktail mixes Ginseng Havana 3 rum with kumquat, lime and Chambord compote.

undefinedA complex, woody and robust stirred down drink which combines a mix of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Clos Martin armagnac, Swift Jamaican rum, honey and allspice for a well-rounded and balanced drink.

undefinedVibrant, buttery and with rich notes of cacao this cocktail combines Green Spot Irish whiskey, macadamia, liquroice root, lemon and egg white.